The Parish of Ponteland

Railway Films

The Reverend W. Awdry, creator of "Thomas the Tank Engine" was once asked why there is a connection between clergymen and trains. He is supposed to have replied "The Church of England and steam engines are both the best way of getting you to your final destination."

Peter the previous Vicar was a Railway Enthusiast, and every two months he showed railway and archive films in the Parish Centre. He regularly got audiences in the 70s or 80s - and they were not all men. In his 8 years in Ponteland he hosted 44 programmes (and as each happened twice, that is a lot of films). They were supported by a wide range of church and village people - someone once commented that they were the only place were members of the Golf Club and members of the Social Club were seen together - and were a very good way of bringing people together. Several thousand pounds was raised for charity over the years.

The next viewing is presented by Mike Brown on Saturday 4th April at 3pm and 7:30pm in St Mary's Parish Centre, admission free.

Ponteland Station photo, probably around 1905.

Photograph supplied by Ponteland Local History Society


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