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2019 has been a time of change at Traidcraft. Whilst still pioneering the future of fair trade, Traidcraft now have the following three themes very much at the heart of every decision they make -




We are all slowly waking up to the fact that our lifestyles are having a profound effect on the planet that sustains us.  The choices we make and the things that we consume have consequences and how we choose to consume today will directly affect the lives of our future generations.  The average carbon output of a person living in the UK today is around 6.5 tonnes per year.  As carbon is intangible it is difficult for us to envisage what this really means.  Put simply, every single person in the UK would have to plant 1,000 trees each to counteract his/her carbon output.

This alarming statistic means that Traidcraft may be the only business actively encouraging customers to consume less.  They believe that the key to buying less is buying right; investing in pieces which are good for the producer, the supply chain and the environment, rather than chasing those which are cheap, quick and unsustainable.

Traidcraft’s entire range has been chosen carefully: always fairly traded, but also organic and sustainable where possible.  The 2019 Christmas Gift Guide showcases timeless, consciously made craft and homeware gifts, a huge range of delicious edible goodies as well as a sustainable fashion edit that will last you season after season.  This Christmas Traidcraft is urging you to become conscious shoppers, having recycled, local, organic and fairly traded goods under your trees!

If you can make a New Year’s resolution to consume more thoughtfully and more conscientiously, buying less and buying better, then the Traidcraft catalogue will be a good place to start.

Thank you for your continued support.  Without you Traidcraft would not be here today and would not be able to carry out the work that impacts communities around the world so positively.

Please contact Ann Armstrong for further information or with any orders - 01670 829314

To find out more about Traidcraft Exchange, visit their website at

Dates for the Diary

Sunday November 24th after 10 a.m. service in Parish Centre

Sunday December 8th after 10 a.m. service in Parish Centre

Wednesday December 4th after 10 a.m. service in Church

Wednesday December 11th after 10 a.m. service in Church (Christmas items only)

Wednesday January 8th after 10 a.m. service in Church

Sunday January 26th after 10 a.m. service in Parish Centre

Wednesday February 5th after 10 a.m. service in Church

Sunday February 23rd after 10 a.m. service in Parish Centre


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