The Parish of Ponteland

St Mary the Virgin

The church of St Mary has stood in the middle of Ponteland for almost a thousand years, and we believe Christians worshipped on this site before then. The world has changed a huge amount in that time, but the Christian faith is just as relevant now as it was then.

If you just need a place to sit and think - St Mary's is open every day. If you want to enjoy the history or the beauty of the church and churchyard - please do. You are welcome to worship - and (often) to coffee afterwards. You would be welcome in the choir (as long as you can (vaguely) hit the right note), to join a group, to learn, to discuss - there are many activities on offer. Most importantly, many friendships are made here - and deeper relationships with God.

Aerial photographs of St Mary courtesy of the crane driver building Henderson Court, and Ron Dunn.


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