The Parish of Ponteland

Wider Anglican Church

The Church of England is divided into 42 dioceses – we are in the Diocese of Newcastle

Each diocese is divided into Deaneries – we are in Newcastle West. This comprises the parishes stretching from Milbourne and Ponteland into the centre of town – Newbiggin Hall, Cowgate, Fenham, Holy Cross, St Matthew’s, Chapel House, Denton, Benwell, Newburn, Sugley, Scotswood, Elswick – parishes where church life is far harder than it is here. Deanery Synod meets every quarter, and we are entitled to send four lay people (plus readers and clergy). Our current reps are Susan Armstrong, Pat Cooper, Janet Welsh and Tina Kelly.

The main Church of England website is at and the wider Anglican Communion at There are 85 million people across this world who are part of the Anglican Church. On both websites you will find news, prayers, resources – a lot of “good news” as the Holy Spirit works across the world through God’s people.


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