The Parish of Ponteland

Rotas & Duties

Running the church is not just something the Vicar does, or something that can be left to the Churchwardens, or the Director of Music, or anyone else - it is something that needs lots of people to be involved.

There are flowers to be arranged, linen to be washed, and tea and coffee after the service to be made. We have two servers for a Communion Service, someone (or more than one) to read the lesson, someone to lead Prayers of Intercession, people to welcome on the door, and a team goes to the Royal Victoria Infirmary once a fortnight to help people get to the hospital chapel.

All these rotas take some organising - and new people are always needed (please speak to the Vicar or Wardens if you'd like to help). People should be told when they are doing something, and the complete rotas are published in Grapevine every month. The relevant pages are reproduced below.

There are times when it goes wrong. Someone volunteers, and their offer is apparently ignored. The wrong reading is read, or there is a silence when no one stands ... . If this happens, we sort out the problem - and keep going. Perfection will happen in heaven - and we are not yet there! So please forgive, and don't take it personally.

For the Chalice rota please click here.

The sidespeople list is here.

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