Charities we support

Church Mission Partners

The main charitable work supported is that of Eric and Sandra Read, who are missionaries in the Philippines. Over £3,00 is raised annually from donations by members of the congregation.

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We also have been able to honour our commitment to pay £200 to each of five local charities.  Every year the longest supported charity is replaced with a new charity, that is local and relatively small.  In 2021 we are supported:

  • The Shirley Community… offering pastoral care to ex-offenders, providing support and mentoring, and encouraging a better quality of life through outings, walks, visits as well as church services.
  • Kirkley Hall Conservation Programme…    includes conservation projects such as animal breeding programmes, tree and wildlife conservation, and also the management of the Northumberland coastline.
  • WECAN … a team of supporters for children  living with disability or additional needs, and helping the parents with  regular activities for the children.
  • Safe Families…a Christian charity affiliated to all denominations which offers support, friendship and connection when life becomes hard for a family for whatever reason.
  • West End Refugee Service …has been receiving regular help from us for many years, appeals being made for clothing or toys, or items for Christmas etc.

Other charities, including the Children’s Society, are supported by special fundraising events such as Coffee mornings.  Money for charities is also collected at weddings and funerals.